Concrete Driveway Contractors Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

This architectural concrete driveway has a unique look to it because of the pie-shaped lot of this driveway, and unique design, we thought this driveway turned out fantastic. Here is a quick set of pictures showing the process.
For details on our prep work, please visit our concrete driveway contractor Vancouver page. We start with the pictures once the driveway has been excavated, gravelled, formed and ready to be poured.
All of our rebar is placed after compacting, and before forming; this is to ensure that the driveway, even though poured separately, acts as one unified concrete slab. The continuous rebar holds everything together. This ensures no borders pull away from the main sections over time.

This concrete driveway was poured into 2 parts, the inner parts to be exposed more massive and the outer sections with a light Sandblast. We treated the surface with a surface retarder, making it softer, getting it prepared for concrete sandblasting at a later date.

The concrete driveway slab has now been wholly poured and ready to be sandblasted you can see the difference once it has been sandblasted, it’s now beautiful and waiting for the final sealing. The concrete sealer will bring it alive and complete this project while protecting it.
The final product is sealed. A beautiful concrete driveway with the inner parts sandblasted regularly exposed depth, and the concrete banding has a light architectural sandblast finish. The driveway looks much different in colour from the ground vs the drone pictures, so we thought we would share both images. The colours are not modified; light reflection makes a significant impact on concrete picture colours. This driveway was a natural grey concrete, no colour added.
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