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We Know Driveways, We probably pour more than anyone in the city and have been pouring driveways over 25 years. In order to help our clients choose the best finish for their needs and budget, we stay up to date on industry trends.

Here you’ll find a list of our most popular finishes, along with a brief description of what makes each one special. The driveway technique is also explained in greater detail in our projects section for various driveway projects. All of our projects, from beginning to end, are listed here.

Driveway Removal

When it comes to removing an old driveway, we get a lot of calls. We have everything we need to demolish and remove concrete driveways, transport them to a recycling centre, and recycle them as a new base for sustainable concrete work. Save money and time by having us do everything instead of hiring a separate concrete demolition contractor.

Forming The Driveway

We only use high-quality materials in our driveways because we want them to last a long time. We start by laying down a layer of gravel that is at least four inches thick. Your driveway will remain intact even if a crack occurs since we only utilise rebar and never mesh. In our services, we only employ quality air entrained concrete mixtures. We recommend using one of our driveway sealers to help reinforce your driveway.

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Driveways with stamped concrete patterns come in a wide range of designs and colours. Stamped concrete has the appearance of stone, slate, or wood. To generate high-quality, realistic effects, a variety of colours are available. Each stamped concrete driveway is tailored to your specific requirements. When the stamped concrete is finished, it is sealed to protect it from the elements and to enhance its aesthetic appeal. In the winter, special care should be taken to avoid salting these driveways as salt damage is not repairable. 

Broom Finish Driveways

A broom finish driveway is the most common type of driveway we pour in most circumstances. A horsehair brush is used to achieve this finish before the final set is completed. The broom finish concrete driveway is particularly slip resistant throughout our cold months. An integrated colour can be used if needed. In addition to hand cuts for a broom finish driveway, saw cutting for a broom finish is becoming increasingly popular.

Float Finish with A Border

A bordered float finish concrete driveway costs somewhat more than a standard float finish driveway. Borders are available in any of our other finishes and can be coloured if requested. Depending on the size and shape of the border, it may be monolithic or poured separately. As with all of our concrete, the driveway should be sealed with concrete sealer.

Modern Driveway Styles

A modern west coast style driveway might include intervals between the slabs to allow grass to grow, or it might have stones or even artificial grass. A smooth surface with well spaced saw cuts can also be found with a modern concrete driveway. With an acid wash, a light sandblast, or a light wash, the current driveway finish can be softly textured. Please see our driveways section for additional information on modern style driveways.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

In the city, exposed aggregate is a popular choice for decorative concrete driveways. The exposed rock can be sealed to produce a lovely attractive surface while also providing protection from the damp and cold winter weather. Even though the slab has previously been exposed, winter maintenance is required. Exposed Aggregate Concrete driveways can be colored to complement or contrast with the colour scheme of the house.

Acid Stain Driveways

Acid Stain Concrete Driveways are truly one-of-a-kind. An acid stain is applied on the concrete driveway after about 30 days. Acid-colored driveways should be free of spills and other stains; oil stains, for example, might degrade the quality of subsequent acid staining. Each time the acid stains react with the concrete, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece is created. Concrete driveways dyed with acid have a warm earthy tone and are frequently sealed with a high gloss sealer..

Float Finish Driveways

A bordered float finish concrete driveway costs somewhat more than a standard float finish driveway. Borders are available in any of our other finishes and can be coloured if requested. Depending on the size and shape of the border, it may be monolithic or poured separately. As with all of our concrete, the driveway should be sealed with concrete sealer.

Light Sandblast Driveways

Sandblasting or lightly washing the surface creates the Concrete Driveway with a Light Sandblast. If sandblasting isn’t an option, power washing the driveway can give it a sandblast appearance. For lighter washes, we have depth-controlled concrete surface retarders. This style driveway has a shallow retardation depth, displaying only the sand in the concrete matrix; there is no aggregate in this concrete finish.

Wave Broom Finish Concrete

The wave broom driveway finish is identical to a conventional broom finish, except that on each pass, the broom is dragged up and down, creating a wave pattern. This concrete driveway has all of the advantages of a traditional broom finish driveway. The wave finish, which was formerly popular, is now considered a classic design.

Decorative Driveway Combinations

All of the abovementioned are available in nearly any combination and design with concrete driveways. The design of the driveway is equally as important as the finish. The goal is to establish the perfect union between the two. Color combinations are unlimited, and patterns and finishes are only limited by your imagination. Each decorated concrete driveway we build is tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

Exposed Aggregate with Borders

Concrete driveways with exposed aggregate are quite popular in a wide range of  homes for many years now. Borders for exposed can be any of the finishes above or below, as well as natural stone or brick mortared borders; for those mortared options, we create a sunken rough slab border. One of the more expensive driveway options is a combination with exposed aggregate and a border. Spray paint is commonly utilised because it gives an excellent visual depiction of border design options before they are formed.

Stamped Concrete and Borders

Another high-end type of concrete driveway that may be created is stamped concrete driveways with borders. When these two things are combined, a number of combinations and effects are available. Integral colour hardeners or topical colour hardeners can also be used. Natural rock and stone effects can be made with up to eight different colours, allowing for highly realistic rock and stone effects to be created. Depending on the desired finish, borders are poured either before or after the main body of the concrete.

Concrete Sealing

When it comes to poured concrete, the most common damage is to driveways. To avoid harm, keep your driveway free of salt and other ice melt materials. Please don’t let your car leak any corrosive chemicals and oil on your new driveway, since most of the stains will be difficult or impossible to remove. Sealing your driveway on a regular basis helps protect it and keep it looking nice for many years. Our maintenance services are available to all of our clients and help to ensure the long-term viability of their investment.

Do We Offer Driveway Repairs ?

No, would be our most common response to driveway repairs. There are very few occasions when driveway repairs are made just for aesthetic reasons. Please visit our webpage for additional information on concrete repairs.

Concrete Driveway Nearby

We’ve been putting in driveways for more than two decades now. Projects, which contain several examples of our work from start to finish, can be found in the Projects section of this website. If you’d like to have your driveway replaced, please get in touch with us.